The term typically describes the interaction between a psychiatrist and the patient and delivery of psychiatric assessment and care through telecommunications technology, usually videoconferencing. The stigma around mental health care often discourages individuals from seeking help, but Telepsychiatry can make care accessible to individuals who may not feel comfortable visiting a hospital.

Due to current situation around the globe, it is getting difficult for people to visit Hospitals. The possible way is to link up Psychiatrist and the Patient through a medium, to enable the Doctor where they can assess the Patient and initiate the recovery process.

Karwan-e-Hayat makes quality mental health care available at any place with an internet connection and a computer. Rural areas are typically the most underserved for health care facilities and psychiatry is no exception. By eliminating the additional time and expense associated with travel, Telepsychiatry makes it easier to intervene faster in crisis situations and to streamline intake into inpatient facilities.

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