We are a Shariah Compliant welfare organization. Zakat is spent in accordance with the principles of shariah. Our Social Welfare Department follows the guidelines provided by our shariah advisory board. They assess the financial condition of patients and their family members in respect of Zakat eligibility.

For USA donors

Tax Exemption donations can be made to Karwan -e-Hayat via i-Care Fund America Inc. by visiting http//:i-care-america.org and by clicking donate.

Donations through Check:

Write a check in favor of i-Care Fund America Inc. and write Karwan-e-Hayat on the memo line & your email at the bottom of the check.

Deposit in the nearest branch of Bank of America (account # 4636612240) or send it to i-Care Fund America Inc. 139 Charles Street, Suite #348, Boston, MA 02114, USA