Day Care Center

Day care is a part of Psych-Rehabilitation services at PCRC.

Day Care activities help the recovering patients to learn life skills that they may have missed because of their illness and have had no opportunity to encounter elsewhere.

This service also reduces the burden of care from the families of the home based patient. Day Care runs from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

8000 patient visits are registered in Day Care in PCRC, Keamari annually.

Transport and meals are provided free or at a low cost.

Patients learn/relearn the following skills of daily life with the help of caring instructors:

  • Cooking: Basic cooking and following recipes
  • Laundry: clothing cleanliness
  • Exercise: Use of different machines for fitness
  • Yoga: Basic Yoga
  • English: English conversation
  • Computer: Microsoft word and Excel
  • Stitching: Cutting, sewing, embroidery
  • Reading: Use of library
  • Arts and Crafts: Paper flowers, jute work, painting
  • Beautician and grooming: facials, mehndi, hair care


Day Care services also involve patients in activities such as

  • physical health programs
  • socialization programs
  • entertainment programs
  • vocational training programs


Computer classes                                                             Handwork done by patients


Exercise program at Karwan-e-Hayat


Creative art class


Library class


As part of Karwan-e-Hayat’s community outreach program, camps are held by a team of psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and community workers to provide treatment and also create awareness on mental illness in various low income areas of Karachi. Camps are held in Malir, Korangi, Machchar Colony, Lyari, Sikandarabad and Shireen Jinnah Colony.


Camp held at a local school