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Korangi Community Psychiatric Center

The Korangi Community Psychiatric Centre (KCPC) was established in the last quarter of 2011, initially funded by The i-Care Foundation. It is based on a new and highly successful model for mental health treatment – Community Psychiatry.

The Centre provides community based care where, after diagnosis, mobilizers and case workers do follow up home visits, thus providing quality care and support to the home based patient. This helps to reduce not only chances of relapse but also the cost of treatment.

In partnership with other mental health organizations like Hands, Basic Needs, PAMH and Aman Foundation, KCPC holds camps in the areas of Malir and Korangi and also provides consultation and medicines to psychiatric patients.


OPD at the KCPC

KCPC has OPD, Day care and Rehabilitation facilities on the same pattern as PCRC.

Services include:

Psychiatric consultation and treatment

Day Care and Rehabilitation services

Individual, family & group therapy

Monitoring medications/follow up in community through community workers

Education on mental disorders reducing stress, resources available to patient and other subjects that might help patients and his/her family to manage and understand illness.

Korangi Community and Psychiatric Center (KCPC)

Plot #SC-54, Darusalam Housing Society,
Sector 31-F, Korangi, Karachi
Ph: (+92-21) 3512 0204


Clinical psychologist and occupational therapist supervising Day Care activity at KCPC