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How You Can Help

Over 80% of our patients are treated either entirely free of cost or at heavily subsidized rates. To continue doing our work we are dependent on the charity and generosity of our donors. For running our three centres, our annual budget for the year 2015-2016 is approximately Rs 90 million. Each year a greater number of patients come to us and we also improve our service delivery so the cost increases.
Our main expenditure is providing free or highly subsidized medicines, food and hospitalization to under privileged patients. Our other major expenditure is the administrative cost which includes salaries of the highly-trained multi-disciplinary staff.
Your zakat and donations are important to our cause. Following is information on how you can donate.

Donate in Pakistan:

Following are details of banks for donations:

United Bank Ltd (1620)
Postal address: Sunset Boulevard, Phase 3/4, DHA, Karachi
Phone: 021-9250781
Fax: 021-9213209
Account no: 010-1613-5
Swift code no: UNIL PKKA
Branch code: (1620)

United Bank Ltd (0462)
Postal address: Jackson Bazar, P.O. Box 7007, Keamari, Karachi
Contact: 021-32850535
Cell: 0300-2672107
Account no: 010-1935-1
Swift code: UNIL PKKA
Branch code: (0462)

For zakat:

We would like to inform our donors and well-wishers that Karwan-e-Hayat has renowned Islamic scholars, Mufti Muhammad Ibrahim Essa and Mufti Haris Hanif, as Shariah Advisors who provide Shariah Compliance Certificate after verification of zakat utilization system

Following are banks that directly receive zakat on behalf of Karwan-e-Hayat.

Allied Bank Ltd (0414)
Postal address: Plot Number 1-D, Shop No. 8 & 9, Commercial Double Height, Sunset Boulevard, Phase II, DHA, Karachi
Contact: 021-35068823-4, 021-35386683, 35386684, 021-35386685, 35386724
Cell: 0301-8440414
Account no: 01-100-8225-4
Swift code no: ABPA PKKA
DHA Branch code: (0414)

Allied Bank Ltd (0145)
Postal address: Jackson Bazar, Keamari, Karachi
Contact: 021-32852000
Cell: 0334-4041029/ 0301-8630145
Account no: 01-100-214-2248-0010
Swift code: ABPA PKKA
Branch code: 0145

Donate in the US:

All checks have to be written in the name of “The I-Care Fund America” with Karwan-e-Hayat mentioned at bottom of the check. For each donation an online donation form must be filled. This form is available on The i-Care Fund America website (http://www.i-care-america.org/donation-2/?general-donation=1). Donations should be in the form of Bank Checks, Cashier Checks, and Bank Drafts payable to The i-Care Fund America. Donors opting for matching contributions or salary deductions from their companies should ensure that checks from their companies also make reference to Karwan-e-Hayat.
Checks are to be deposited in the nearest branch of “Bank of America” as under
Account Title: The i-Care Fund America, Account Number: 4636612240
The nearest Bank of America Branch can be identified through the link: http://locators.bankofamerica.com/locator/locator/LocatorAction.do
Donation can also be made through wire transfer using the following information:
Account Title: The i-Care Fund America
Bank: Bank of America
Branch Address: Charles River Park, 161 Cambridge Street, Boston MA 02114
Account Number: 4636612240
ABA Routing Number: 026009593
Donations can also be made via PayPal through The i-Care Fund America; website http://www.i-care-america.org/ PayPal standard charges would apply.
On realization of the funds in the bank, an electronic receipt for the donation will be issued to the Donor. All receipts will be sent to the email address provided on the online donor advisory form.
The i-care will request the donor to verify the information provided online. If valid email address is not provided then an electronic receipt will be emailed to the donor.

You can also look us up on Facebook: /karwan-e-hayat