Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

The Chief Executive Officer manages and controls the operations of the entire network of Karwan-e-Hayat. This post is held by Mr. Zaheeruddin M. Babar. Mr. Babar is a Chartered Accountant, MBA (Finance) and LLM, among his many degrees. He has 17 years’ experience in management in various multinational companies for many years as CEO. He joined Karwan-e-Hayat in March 2014.

Medical Team

Head of Medical Services

Dr. Uroosa Talib (PCRC)

In-charge Medical Services

Dr. Saleem Ahmed (KCPC)

Dr. Sheema Zakir (JAMI)

Volunteer Psychiatric Consultants

Dr. Nusrat Baloch

Dr. Shifa Naeem

Visiting Psychiatric Consultant

Dr. Ajmal Kazmi

In-charge Rehabilitation Services

Mr. Saleem Abbas

Corporate Team

Financial Controller

Mr. Ali Asghar

Manager Corporate Communications & Resource Mobilization

Ms. Sumera Naqvi

In-charge, Monitoring & Evaluation

Ms. Shabana Abdul Shakoor